Higher Education Partnership of Southeast Florida
Higher Education Partnership of Southeast Florida

How Will HEPSEF Benefit Your Organization?

Your organization will benefit from our mission and dedication to provide the South Florida community with information and access to academic opportunities.We want to help your efforts in providing vast educational opportunities to your employees. These opportunities offer benefits by enhancing the following: increased employee productivity; increased job satisfaction, company loyalty; employee growth through advanced education. We know continuing education and training opportunities are a top priority for many companies and organizations.HEPSEF is here to help.

HEPSEF will organize your organization’s education fair:

Education Fair Benefit


  • Will communicate the education fair specifics to your employees.


  • Will invite our member institutions to the education fair and will confirm attendance.


  • Will create flyers, posters and displays promoting event.


  • Will donate door prizes to encourage attendance.


  • Will design internal communication & promotion to your employees.


  • Your organization will establish a suitable central location to accommodate tables and chairs as well as time of the event and we will relay message to our member schools.

Where to Find Us:

Higher Education Partnership of Southeast Florida
Phone:  888-515-4177

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