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Employee Retention and Higher Education

Is your organization concerned about #EmployeeRetention  Unfortunately, many organizations overlook one of the best ways to increase retention: Education. If you are in HR, you probably know from experience or, at least, have read about the many ways to positively enhance employee retention. No doubt, you have seen education included among them. If you have not seen the report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you may want to take a look. The annual report for 2014 was titled: Education Still Pays. The report reflected a continuing trend revealing that higher education levels of attainment equivocate to higher income along with reduced periods of unemployment http://www.bls.gov/careeroutlook/2014/data-on-display/education-still-pays.htm  The BLS report for 2015 reveals a continuation of the trend:

 Chart. Earnings and unemployment rates by educational attainment

Reprinted with permission from: http://www.bls.gov/emp/ep_chart_001.htm


 Whether your employees have or have not seen the actual report from the BLS, they do understand the value of education. If a company has the insight to extend educational opportunities, whether through reimbursement programs or other incentives that encourage educational attainment, your employees will appreciate it. We live in competitive times. Employers who concern themselves with providing better incentives make strong value-add statements to their employees. One way to make a strong statement concerning your position on Higher Education for your employees is to host an #educationfair at your place of business. As host, you can select universities with degree programs that will enhance the value of your employees and the expertise they provide your organization. Education pays!





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  • Roxana Schumann (Friday, March 11 16 03:55 pm EST)

    Very interesting! Great tool for recruitment!

  • Heather (Friday, March 11 16 03:33 pm EST)

    This is great information!

  • BCampbell (Thursday, March 10 16 01:07 pm EST)

    Nice. I like this information, especially about the BLS. I will forward this to my HR rep at work. Thanks!

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